Stranded || Open RP || AU

Being woken up by salt water was not on Sennas list of things she liked. She gasped and shot awake as the cool sea water splashed against her face. She could feel the grittiness of the sand all over her. It took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the sunlight before she could actually see where she was. An island. Crap.

Senna looked around. She was surrounded by the remains of the boat. She had a feeling they were on a deserted island… They would have been found and taken into a hospital had it been inhabited.

She had to find someone who had come with her. Anyone. She moved around the beach groggily, her legs weak and unused to the sandy ground.

She eventually fell upon a fellow passenger, flipping him over and wiping seaweed from this face. “Come on… Wake up.” She mumbled as she slapped his cheeks a few times.