“You’re not seriously trying to hide right now, are you?”

"No. I have a migraine and it’s nice and dark under this here blanket."

"Hand me that water bottle?"

anyone wanna rp?
i really dont know why i attempt to keep this blog active anymore….
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  • "We could lay outside on the beach all night."
  • "Don’t go fallin’ in love with Mr. Wonderful.”
  • I’ll take you home with me, if you can’t find nothing better.”
  • You’re a little bit out of my league, but I’m going professional.”
  • It might take years for you to miss me.”
  • "Truth is, I’m alone in this city."
  • I agree that we need an intermission, but one day we’re gonna say, ‘We need each other,’ okay?”
  • "You’ll be the one who bends; I’ll be the one who breaks.”
  • I’ll leave the light on if you wanna come home.”
  • I love you and I hate you the same.”
  • Quit your bitchin’, move your feet.”
  • Why just one if we can have ‘em all?”
  • Any place you’re going’s where I wanna be.”
  • I know without you, I’d be incomplete.”
  • I want it, I need it, I’m begging you, please.”
  • I can feel your eyes and they’re undressing me.”
  • I still can’t believe the way you looked at me.”
  • You keep insisting, saying you miss me, but you can’t miss me with the things that you do.”
  • I trust that you’ll be yourself.”
  • Darling, can we go all the way?”
  • "You could be the one that I come home to.”
  • I need you to feel the same way to make it out okay.”
  • It’s funny how our friends say we would never last.”
  • When I get paid, we’ll go out.”
  • "You tell all your friends I’m crazy. Maybe you just like me better undercover.”
  • I know I’m much more interesting when no one else is listening.”
  • Give it a rest, ‘cause she’s not just looking for sex.”
  • Wait a minute, so you’re not just losing the dress?”
  • From now ‘til forever, I’ll be there for you whenever.”
  • You are afraid you loved me too.”
  • "We’re not on the same page much these days.”
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Mila Kunis

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"You’re so cute when your all tied up and needy….."

“I really wanna fuck that cute little ass of yours right now~…”

“I really wanna fuck that cute little pussy of yours right now~…”

“Open your mouth and get ready to swallow.”

“That was such a cute gasp~”

“Come on now, be a good little slut and suck/ride masters cock.”

“Now, now, i don’t remember giving you permission to cum….”

"As punishment, when we go run errands today, you have to wear a vibrating bullet on low and you better not cum without permission."

“As punishment, after I fill you up, you’ll wear a butterfly plug to keep it all inside while we run errands.”

“I wanna fuck you hard, right up against the window.”

“Damn, if I’d known how much you liked to be watched I would’ve invited them sooner.”

“That’s right, put your chest against the window and spread your legs, arch your back, and beg me to fuck you.”

“Aw, your legs are trembling~ does it feel that good?”

“Mm~ your so tight~”

“Just beg (Name), just beg.”

“Y’know I always thought they called you ‘tight ass’ ‘cause you were strict or something, but this is so much better~….”

“Damn, your dripping and I’ve barely even touched you. Do I get you that excited?”

“I know, but fuck it feels so good, just bare with it a little longer and then there’ll be plenty of cum to lube up this little fuckhole of yours….~”

“Ah, ah, bad boy/girl. You came without masters permission! How should I punish you for this, pet?”

“See? I told you you’d love my cock~”

“See? I told you you’d like my pussy~”

“I’ve got you all tied up and blindfolded….what should I do with you? ‘Cause I can think of a lot’ve fun things, mostly fucking you raw, but maybe I should let my friend try you out first?”

“You’re so cute with that tiny dick of yours~ it’s much smaller than mine, does that embarrass you?~”

“Ive been bragging about you to my friends, so get on your knees and open your mouth so they can try it out for themselves- not all at once, of course.”

“Heh. You really do love drinking cum, don’t you?”

“I won’t let you up till you lick it all up, pet. The sooner you do as told the sooner you get your reward.”

“I think my friend oughtta fuck that cute mouth of yours while I fuck your ass, yeah?”

“How about he take your pussy and I take your ass? He can hold you up, it’ll be a grate new experience. What do you say, pet?”

“I really wanna watch my friends fuck your holes raw while I fuck your throat until you lose your voice…..”


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